Van Gogh´s drawings


A Brief Understanding of the Chair drawing.

Van Gogh Chair Drawing This drawing of a chair is undeniably recognizable as a Vincent van Gogh work. Perhaps it was the more famous paintings of chairs that have made this drawing so popular, or else the drawings own alluring features have raised its popularity. Quite frankly this image sticks out in ones mind after first viewing it.

Created in 1890 with pencil, this drawing of a chair is un-believable in its minimalism, and astounding in its beauty. The main elements of the picture are:

  • The gentle curving legs that look soft and elastic like moldable dough.
  • The starchy cushion that looks woven with worn threads.
  • The Curvy backrest that appears to be the most solid aspect, while still containing softness.
  • The tiled floor that shows dimension where it meets the greeting soft legs of the chair.

All of these things mix together into a pulpy visual experience. The light shading on the piece enhance the soft and supple feeling of the drawing. This over bearing sense of softness draws ones attention in as it expresses comfort.

One may find themselves staring in a day dream like manner at the piece, washing away in the calmness and collective peace that sooths the mind. The twisting portions of wood keep the viewer mentally involved, tracing the arches and valleys with their eyes.

Overall, however, the drawing is wonderful but simple and shows how the proper amounts of the correct elements can create a wonderful piece of artwork. This piece will forever be loved by millions and viewed by many more. Van Gogh's creation of softness in minimalistic qualities will ceaselessly amaze mankind.