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How to color sunflowers

Haystacks Video Transcript

Those are Purple

Kat: Hey Princess Latte, I see you’re coloring in Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.
Princess Latte: Yeah, his Sunflowers are among my favorites, although I really don’t know much about the history.
Kat: Did you know that he originally painted them for Paul Gauguin’s bedroom?
Princess Latte: No, really? I had no idea. So, Van Gogh and Gauguin lived together?
Kat: Yeah! Van Gogh had this vision that he would open this studio and all these impressionist artists would move there to live together, and paint together, and ultimately, to learn from each other.
Princess Latte: That sounds really inspiring. I had no idea about that, how did it go?
Kat: Not so well. Ultimately, Gauguin was the only other artist who ever moved down there and that’s what led to the ear incident.
Princess Latte: Oh, yikes.


Sunflowers Coloring Supplies

Hey there! So for today’s video we’ll need:

  1. A downloadable coloring page which you can get from the link below.
  2. You’ll also need markers. I tend to use copic markers but you can use anything you want because these are a little expensive.
  3. You’ll also want to lay down some poster board or maybe newspaper since with a lot of these we’re going to be coloring straight to the edge of the page.
  4. And as always, don’t forget to bring your creativity.

How To Color Van Gogh's Sunflowers

Coloring Sunflowers

So today’s drawing has a large white space right in the middle. Can you see this? I am going to fill it in to be three separate sunflowers. One in the middle and two hiding behind. It’s not too hard, because you just have to draw the one in the middle and then add centers to the ones behind it.

Do you recognize what these are? It’s actually called the “disk flower,” it’s the brown center of a sunflower that houses all the seeds! And it’s surrounded by yellow petals normally, but some of the flowers in Van Gogh’s painting seem to have lost most of their petals. They’re still cute, though!

So, I am going to start drawing here with a red-orange color. Don’t have red-orange? Use orange. Draw small strokes going towards the center. Let’s create some depth by using dark red in little spots. Finally, we fill in between the red and red-orange with orange and the orange part of these three flowers is just about done. We add some dark spots around the edges with brown, and a bunch in the center. So then we can color where the stem connects a light green. Then I add a medium green to get the color exactly how I want it.

Grab your yellow, and let’s start coloring in the petals! I do all the ones in the center at first, but you can do all of them at once if you’d like. Then, let’s add some color to the petals by adding a touch of orange to some of them

Using the brown you used before, I am going to outline the disk flowers in brown and then put dark dots around the center of each flower. I’m even using the brown to somewhat outline the petals, although not as dark as with the centers

Now I’m finishing up all the petals in yellow. There sure are lot - in all different sizes. You know what color stems are! I’m going to grab my light green and color the stems that are leading to the flowers.

Let’s finish up these outlines. I only did the centers before, but now we can do everything. Then let’s move to color in all the disk flowers like we did the first three. Starting with red-orange if you have it, and orange if you don’t. I’m going to touch up all the centers with light green and medium green. I’m also filling in the leaves near the bottom of the vase and all the stems.

I’m going to color the top half of this vase orange, just like Van Gogh’s vase. This painting uses a ton of yellow and orange, doesn’t it? When I’m done with the orange, I use some yellow to make sure I have the bright color I want and then add some dark marks with red orange to give the vase some sheen. If you don’t have red orange you can do this in red or just skip it altogether. Go over the line between the top and bottom portions of the vase in green. We’ll finish the vase with yellow, leaving a small white flare in the top left of this section. Then I will draw a couple of orange reflected lines to give depth.

To make this piece really look like Van Gogh’s we need to color the whole background above the table the vase is sitting on yellow. Van Gogh must have loved yellow - yellow sunflowers, yellow vase, he lived in a yellow house… Now that the background is yellow, I’m noticing some white space in my flowers. I’m going to just touch them up and make them perfect.

To complete this painting, just color in the table orange. Then take a brown and trace over the line at the edge of the table. And wow! You’ve just completed Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

Still More to Go!

Hanging Sunflowers on the Fridge

Princess Latte: So we finished our Sunflowers and we’ve got a special guest here, Sadie, with her own rendition.
Sadie: Hi.
Princess Latte: Perfect!
Sadie: Perfect.

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